Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We are perfect in the night.

I am silent like my ancestors.
You are crashing into everything
like an avalanche originating
from under my covers and
gaining potential
and speed
the farther you roll.

I am haunted by the shape of your waist,
the curves imprinted
in the crooks of my elbows,
molded there by your once neglected body,
just enough to let me close my eyes now
and pretend that I can feel you there
as though you never fell,
never tumbled like the snow
down that fucking black hole mountain.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i am so nervous i feel like puking
this weekend i will be all fucked up
i still can't figure out why people kept asking me last weekend what was wrong with me
i was on xanax but i felt fine
i just wanna puke all over myself
will probably call off work tomorrow after puking all over myself

Monday, March 5, 2012

scary shit

Maybe I like you
maybe i want to hold your hand
maybe your hands are making me nervous
maybe i blush when i look at you
maybe your presence makes me nervous
maybe your stare makes me freeze in place
maybe i want to dance with you
maybe dancing with you makes me nervous

Maybe I am in love with you
maybe i want to wake up next to you
maybe i want to co-own a bed with you
maybe we can watch a puppy turn into a dog together
maybe I want to file joint taxes with you
maybe we can watch Niagara fall together
maybe our puppy will watch it fall with us
maybe we can dance alone in the kitchen
maybe our dog will watch us dancing

Maybe I am just completely fucking insane crazy
maybe i would do anything for you
maybe you help me understand why men might murder
maybe we can start a civil war for our love
maybe they will give us a "couple's suite" at the sanitarium
maybe we will die at the same time
maybe we can be buried in a joint coffin together
maybe our dog will be buried with us in a special joint coffin with a dog-shaped extension.